Client Reviews

Testimonials – Aston Duncan – Forward Fitness Personal Training


Sharon Gradden

Executive Assistant at Govt Dept

I first met Aston about 18 months ago when I started attending his Stretch & Abs class at my work place. When I decided earlier this year to really focus on improving my fitness I had no hesitation in contacting Aston and enlisting his help. Before developing my program, Aston discussed with me my goals and aspirations in relation to the outcomes I wished to achieved. He then developed a program that works best with my busy lifestyle. It incorporates the things that I enjoy, like walking the dog and doing yoga with practical things like riding to work twice a week. During our one-on-one sessions Aston pushes me hard but provides positive encouragement along the way. If you are looking for a personal trainer that will work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals give Aston a call. I can highly recommend him!

Karen Logan

HR Policy/Project Officer/Internal Consultancy

Aston has been a fabulous personal trainer for me – someone who had not exercised for a long time and needed lots of encouragement. Aston also works with very fit and highly motivated people, so he can tailor his training to his clients’ needs. He also educates on nutrition and motivation and really encouraged me to make positive changes. He is a great guy, who does a very professional job. I would highly recommend him as a trainer for people at any fitness level.

Bernie Skinner

Senior Account Manager

”A great guy, committed to helping people achieve their fitness and well being”.


Assistant Director at Major Cities Unit

”Have participated in group fitness classes at work and in one-to-one training sessions with Aston and I’ve always been impressed by his subject knowledge, his ability to “put his money where his mouth is” (embody the fitness principles he teaches) and the way he is able to engage with each individual in a personable way to get the results THEY want”.


Director at Hillross Financial Services

”Aston has been an excellent personal trainer who has helped me rehabilitate my left knee after ACL and medial ligament reconstruction surgery. With Aston’s assistance I have built my confidence and am now able to run again over 5 Km. I highly recommend Aston as a reliable person who can build your quality of life by working with you to achieve your goals”.


Director at Sellick Consultants

”Aston has been working with me over the last three years to improve my health and wellbeing.  I would recommend his services to anyone seeking to live a healthy lifestyle as he will certainly help to achieve any goals you may set yourself ”.


Ben Roberts

Assistant Director – Infrastructure and Communications (Regional Australia) at Australian Government

“Working with Aston over the past 3 years has been great. Not only am I fitter and more healthy generally, he has helped me find that little bit extra in myself.  His sessions are excellent and he focuses on not only getting the best performance out of you, but making sure you do it right so that you get maximum benefit and minimise the potential for injury.  And to top it off, Aston isn’t one of those trainers that yells at you and tells you that you aren’t working hard enough. He quietly encourages you to do more, stretch further and explains why it’s good for you, demonstrating that he has a real interest in you as a person and not simply as a client”. 

Cheers mate and thanks.

John S. -Yarralumla

 “I cannot speak highly enough of this man. I was an over-weight unfit 31 year old when I first met him, with a really unhealthy diet. (I didn’t realise just how unhealthy my diet was at the time) I was not in good shape and I was not happy either. Not only did Aston completely change the way I think about food, but he helped instil good habits that remain with me today. (Nearly 4 years later) He is a strong motivator without being over the top. He is firm and upfront with his expectations, but doesn’t rant and rave. His knowledge around good health and wellbeing is just as valuable and impressive as his varied activities and training sessions that he prepares. This enabled him to both teach me new things to help maintain better health for life in a sustainable manner and to ensure enjoyment was still part of my workout sessions. He is a really down to earth decent person who cares about his clients as ‘people’ – to ensure he can improve one’s health and fitness, but also to tap into one’s key motivators. He is a family man who will commit strongly to you – provided you also remain committed. (As he is passionate about good health in the community) I don’t normally like to write reviews publicly online, but given how much Aston has done for me I felt compelled to do so, as I wish him every success in the future. I not only consider him a great trainer, but a trusted friend”