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10 week running programs and coaching catered for All levels of recreational runners

Recreational running provides a fantastic ability to exercise the mind, body and soul that can be used to maintain an active lifestyle or to challenge ourselves to go faster and longer.

So that we can continue to receive all the great benefits that running provides, it’s important to understand and respect the time the body needs to adapt, repair and condition itself to the demands that running places on our bodies. Unfortunately it’s all too common that runners of all levels from beginner to seasoned elite runners experience unwelcome and untimely injuries.

Following a program that not only has welI-balanced volume, intensity and recovery but also incorporates specific targeted strength exercises with an increase in postural awareness will improve our running economy and minimise the risk of injury. If our primary running and core muscles are not being activated and loaded correctly then we are at a higher risk of injury combined with limiting our running capabilities.

The programs I offer are delivered in 10 week blocks to enable runners the time frame needed to adjust and condition their bodies that will enable them to progress towards their 10 week goal. Runners may wish to have a program designed that safely builds up their kilometres, increase their strength or prepare for the upcoming race season. The programs will be tailored to suit your current fitness level and designed to increase your running activity and intensity specific to your running aspirations. The 10 week program will have your weekly training schedule broken down into days, distance and intensity including targeted muscle strength exercises to be carried out separately from the run sessions. 

Below I have two cost options for you to choose from that will be dependent on whether you would like to include three 1 hour training sessions spread throughout the 10 week program in which I will actively run you through a specific interval, strength or training session that has been scheduled into your program. This will help me to visually assess your ongoing progress, make any necessary adjustments and provide feedback, knowledge and motivation to keep you on track to reaching your individual goal.


OPTION 1: 10 week program with Coached Run Sessions – $349.00

The three scheduled run sessions will consist of a warm up jog, specific stretching and technique drills followed by the main run set specific to your 10 week goal or program ending with a cool down jog and a targeted stretch routine.

OPTION 2: 10 week program – $149.00

10 week written program structured and tailored to enable you to achieve your 10 week goal.

N.B All prices are inclusive

Both options include a consultation, fitness and running assessment that will enable me to design your first 10 week program to suit your training time availability and goals. 


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