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Personal Training Sessions

All sessions with your personal trainer are designed to be challenging, motivating and fun, whilst working within your limits. Forward Fitness Personal Training recognises and respects that you are an individual and that’s why your training programs are tailored just for you. Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned performer the activity and intensity of your training sessions will be monitored and adjusted to enable you to achieve your short and long term goals.

Aston will travel to your home, apartment gym, workplace or any suitable outdoor location in the Canberra Region or you may choose to have your training session carried out in the privacy of the newly built fully equipped Studio Gym at Bonython. The sessions work equally well indoors or out, using various training methods and equipment to deliver a well-balanced workout to keep you motivated. Your personal trainer will demonstrate and guide you safely through cardio work, core exercises, resistance training and stretching to ensure you are using the correct posture and technique to minimize the risk of soft tissue injuries and aid muscle recovery.

Unless specified, all training sessions are one hour in duration

Free Initial Consultation

All new personal training clients receive a free initial “exercise and obligation free” consultation. That’s right – before you outlay any money I want you to feel confident that you’ve made the right decision in training with Forward Fitness. Meet your personal trainer (perhaps over a cuppa) to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals. Your trainer will also note the details of your medical history, pre-existing conditions and past and current activity levels to determine a training program that is just right for you! Contact Aston today to make an appointment.

One-on-One Sessions

The full attention of your personal trainer for the session’s 1 hour duration

Peak Off-peak (between 10am – 2pm)
Per session $80 $75
5 session purchase $390 ($78 session) $365 ($73 session)
10 session purchase $750 ($75 session) $700 ($70 session)

N.B All pricing is inclusive

Complete Care – 6 week program*

The most popular and value for money program

This 6 week program will give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals; a personal trainer to motivate you to give 100% in every session; introductory and ongoing fitness assessments; nutritional advice and monitoring and a comprehensive 6 week training program for you to follow in between your personal training sessions. This program has been designed to keep you accountable for every day of the week so that you can reach your goals sooner. Each ensuing 6 week program is adjusted to cater for increases in fitness and strength levels so that you continue to make gains as your body adapts.

Peak Off-peak (between 10am – 2pm)
One PT Session Per Week $560 $500
Two PT sessions per week $960 $840

*PT sessions are to be used within the 6 week period. Sessions can be re-scheduled within the 6 weeks if 24hrs’ notice is given.

Going Solo – 6 week program ($180)

For those who are prepared to go it alone but want the accountability and the benefits of a personal trainer’s guidance. Same great benefits as Complete Care without the personal training sessions.

45 Minute Blitz Sessions

Are you stretched for time or do you just want an intense session that delivers you an overall body workout to increase cardio fitness, strength and muscle toning. Contact Aston for further details.

Small Group Sessions

Competitive rates available for small groups – working in small groups prevents being lost amongst the numbers of larger groups and not benefiting from your trainers full attention, perfect for corporate or mothers groups. Minimum of 4 people per group.

$20 per person per 1hour session. Contact Aston for further details


Phone Aston: 0416 119 856