Online Programs – Forward Fitness Personal Training

Key Benefits

  • Individually tailored 5 week written exercise programs structured and designed to meet the needs of your current health and fitness level
  • Accountability of having daily activity items to complete with weekly recording of total training time in minutes to be used as a progress guide
  • Unlimited email and phone access with Aston to answer any queries or ask advice on nutrition and/or exercise tips
  • Special rate offered to Online clients of unlimited $50 sessions for off-peak times (10a.m-2p.m)

Step 1 Consultation and Fitness Assessment which involves:

  • Blood pressure reading
  • Central waist measurement
  • 3 minute cardio step test recorded with heart rate monitor
  • Basic strength tests to use as a reference and benchmark

Step 2 Proof read your initial program that will be emailed to you within 48hr’s of your fitness assessment

Step 3 Start! And begin the journey of improving your Health and Fitness

 Cost: $115 which includes:

  • 60 minute consultation and fitness assessment
  • 5 week written program (ongoing programs will be adjusted after each fitness assessment)

Any time after completing a 5 week cycle you decide to continue on without a fitness assessment to measure your performance, the cost of your next 5 week program would be $65                  

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